Maintenance Request

If you need to put in a maintenance or repair request, you can fill out the form below, call us at (303) 443-6064, or stop by our office at 2400 28th Street, in Boulder.

When you place a maintenance request, you have the option of: giving us permission to enter your unit at any time, asking that we call first, or requiring that we contact you to schedule a specific time.

Our office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. In case of an emergency after-hours or on weekends, please call (303) 443-6064.  Maintenance requests can also be placed on the resident web portal.

Submit a Maintenance Request


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    Common Maintenance Issues

    Below are some of the most common maintenance requests and solutions.  Typically any unclogging of drains, disposals, toilets etc. are charged to the tenant.

    Backed-Up Toilet

    Vigorous plunging can often unclog a toilet. For best results, flush the toilet and then plunge repeatedly as the toilet bowl fills with water. Repeat this process several times.

    Outlets Aren’t Working

    GFI outlets will “pop” anytime there’s a surge or unusual electrical activity, causing all of the outlets on the GFI circuit to stop working. To correct this, find the main GFI outlet and push the reset switch.

    Electricity Goes Off In A Part Of The House Or Unit

    When electricity goes off in a section of a house or unit, typically something has tripped the breaker. Often by resetting the breaker (located inside a gray or green breaker box), the electricity will come back on.

    Lights Aren’t Working

    The most common cause of lights not working is burned out light bulbs. Replacing the light bulb will correct this issue.  Replacement of light bulbs is the responsibility of the tenant.

    Garbage Disposal Stops Working

    When garbage disposals stop working, the most common solution is to hit the reset switch (located below the sink). The garbage disposal should be turned off (using the wall switch) before you hit the reset switch, and you should never reach inside the disposal to try to fix it.